Caron Lang

Variable Operations Director

Caron is the Variable Operations Director for P4 Automotive, where she oversees the Sales and finance side of the business and is directly involved with ensuring its success. She works directly with the teams to maximize volume, income, efficiencies, expense control, and enhance customer experiences.

As the Variable Operations Director, Caron brings over 20 years of experience in the automotive retail industry. She began her career on the sales side of the business before being promoted to the first female General Manager for the Penske Automotive Group Western Region. During her tenure as General Manager, the store was awarded the Toyota President's Award and the Customer First Award multiple times by Toyota and was recognized for being in the top 25 most profitable stores in Penske Automotive.

Caron joined P4 Automotive in 2017, and her experience and passion have been instrumental in quickly "turning around" both acquired stores and open points.