Su Casa

Su Casa is an organization whose mission is to increase Latino education, economic independence, and health. They also strive to make Latino families feel safe and that they belong here. Overall, their vision is clear: build a thriving Latino community that benefits everyone! Columbus Auto Group supports this vision proudly.

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Reaching The Community

Su Casa reaches the community through various programs which help Latino families here in Columbus. One of these programs is Vecinas De Enlace, which ensures that there are trained volunteers to identify needs and work with people in the community they are in. Other programs include: TuFuturo, C4, Busy Bee Acadamy, and many more!

Support in Business

Su Casa doesn't only help the people in the community, they also help the businesses trying to flourish. With programs like Targeted Investment in Minority Entrepreneurs (TIME), and various legal services, they help many entrepreneurs along their path to running a successful business.