Yes! Cinema - A Cinema with A Cause

Educational, Cultural, Alternative, and even big name movies. Yes! Cinema plays it all! Yes! Cinema is a non-profit organization, that works with the LCNFC to better the community and to create unique experiences for everyone. To add on to all these great things, Yes! Cinema is available for business meetings, private screenings and corporate and private parties. We are more than happy to support this awesome organization!

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Additional Information

Open 7 days a week and stationed in beautiful downtown Columbus, YCCC is equipped with the latest tech and amazing staff. For all your movie watching needs, go to Yes! Cinema.

Yes! Cinema's Famous YesPops!

If your looking for a tasty treat, then Yes! Cinema has the treat for you! The Famous Yes! Cinema popcorn is ready for you on the go! Go to Yes! Cinema and choose between small, medium, large, and even a jumbo portion of YesPops! The proceeds benefit the LCNFC's Angels of Love Christmas Assistance Program.