P4 is all about improving the buying process for the consumer through customer first service. Our non-commissioned sales staff are incentivized to ensure every customer leaves happy and in a vehicle completely satisfied with their purchase. By hiring and training a team of young and energetic sales professionals without prior dealership experience, we've been able to create a team of highly specialized professionals that are focused on customer experience. Our single minded pursuit in business excellence in these areas has led to tremendous success and growth for our company. 

Every P4 store is named based on the brand it sells and the community it serves. This connection to the community is very important to who we are as a company. P4 believes in giving back to the community, supporting worthwhile causes to benefit organizations in our local area.




Chevrolet of Columbus

Chevrolet of Columbus began in September of 2014, on North National Road. There had been an absence of a Chevrolet dealership in Bartholomew County for several years. Leo Portaluppi applied for the open point dealership in Bartholomew County and was awarded the Chevrolet Dealership. Mr. Portaluppi began business at the U.S 31 location with the understanding he would build a new building for sales and service in Columbus. The new sales professionals were all non-commissioned sales people. This non-commissioned approach allowed the sales professionals to focus on customer satisfaction and retention rather than commission by offering a base salary with performance bonuses. Chevrolet of Columbus was able to reduce turnover and increase the stability of his workforce. 


Chevy Moves to a New Facility

In 2016, Chevy of Columbus moved into their brand new facility located at 2825 Merchant Mile. The dealership enjoyed great success and has won multiple awards from General Motors for sales and service satisfaction. 


Nissan of Lafayette

In 2017, P4 Automotive was officially formed. Mr. Portaluppi had an opportunity to purchase an underperforming Nissan dealership in Lafayette Indiana. With the addition of Bob and Caron Lang, P4 automotive was able to create a leadership team that was uniquely capable of scaling their processes and employee first principles across multiple rooftops. With the successful implementation of P4 processes, Nissan of Lafayette became an overnight success, breaking sales records and maintaining above benchmark CSI scores. 


Ford of Columbus

In 2018, P4 automotive acquired a Ford franchise in Columbus Indiana. The store was renamed to Ford of Columbus. Working quickly the P4 leadership team established a community presence, implemented their unique sales and service processes and began working with lending institutions and manufacturer personnel with the goal of increasing sales. As a direct result the store saw a 200% increase in new vehicle sales and above benchmark CSI scores. 


Nissan of Columbus

In 2020, P4 was awarded a Nissan of Columbus store that was opened on National Rd. There had never previously been a Nissan store in the Columbus area. Nissan of Columbus was built from the ground up with the proven P4 processes and was an overnight success in the community. 

P4 Corporate Office

As a quickly growing dealer group, P4 chose to invest in their future as a company. By centralizing their reconditioning, merchandising, accounting, marketing and acquisition offices into one facility, P4 automotive was able to tackle the shifting automotive retail landscape with agility and purpose. Increased efficiencies at the leadership level directly translated to increased new vehicle sales at the store level as all p4 stores gained market share at a time when other dealers were pulling back.


P4 Automotive Acquires Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Columbus

In 2021, P4 Automotive acquired a Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM franchise in Columbus Indiana. P4 moved quickly to execute an aggressive marketing plan that included partnering with various local organizations and sponsoring multiple events including the mill race marathon. P4 hired a Jeep brand ambassador to help with outreach to local jeep enthusiast organizations. This continued partnership with the community has led to sustained growth and improved CSI.

P4 Acquires Hyundai of Columbus

In 2021, P4 automotive acquired a Hyundai franchise in Columbus Indiana. The store was renamed to Hyundai of Columbus. After the purchase they saw a 250% increase in average monthly sales, this increase has been sustained to present day.